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Enrollment & Programs
Bridgerland Applied Technology College offers a variety of programs for high school students in Cache, Box Elder, and Rich counties. Please see a list of available programs for Logan and Rich County or Brigham City by clicking on the links below.

High School Programs for Logan Campus:
2016-2017 Programs
2017-2018 Programs

High School Programs for Brigham Campus:
2016-2017 Programs
2017-2018 Programs

High School Summer Programs:

Get Started, It's Easy!

  1. Complete the Online High School Application.
  2. Visit with your High School Counselor about attending BATC
The enrollment form will be generated by the Student Services Office at BATC for the beginning of each trimester/semester with information provided by your high school counselor.
  1. Check in with Student Services on your First Day of Class to obtain your Enrollment Form
Students are required to follow the program rules established by their instructor as well as the general rules outlined in the Student Handbook.

Get a jump start on your college education! While in high school, students can work toward an AAS Degree at USU. Find out how here.

Scholarships and/or Waivers for Graduating High School Students: Scholarships and/or Waivers are available for enrollment after high school graduation. Students may apply their senior year. Current scholarships can be found on the Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

Counseling Procedures: Any student who fails to follow program or BATC rules will be counseled by the instructor or Student Services staff. All counseling will be documented using the High School Counseling Record, which will become a part of the student’s permanent file. Copies of all counseling records will be sent to parents and the home high school for the school’s information and action. When a student receives a third counseling record, he/she is referred back to the home high school. Students who are dismissed from BATC may appeal to the Applied Technology Education (ATE) Director or designee. If the ATE Director or designee finds that readmission would be appropriate, a new enrollment form will be completed and given to the student. Students re-enrolled under this section will be enrolled on a “Contract” basis and will be required to sign an agreement setting forth re-enrollment terms. If the agreement is violated, the student will be referred back to his/her home high school and will not be allowed to re-enroll again during the school year.

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