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The Federal Pell Grant program provides adult students, demonstrating financial need and meeting other eligibility requirements, with funds to assist in paying for costs associated with their enrollment. To apply for a pell grant, you may apply online at The Financial Aid Office at BATC will assess and evaluate your results and contact you approximately two weeks later. Should you have any questions, call a Student Success Advisor at (435) 753-6780. For more information about applying for the Pell Grant at BATC click here. State grants may also be available and are awarded to the students with the greatest demonstrated financial need. Qualifying students will be notified.

BATC Pell Code: 014257

Pell Grant Eligible Programs

The listed programs have been approved for Federal Student Aid purposes, therefore, students enrolled in the programs may be eligible to receive the Federal Pell Grant for the hours indicated. Not ALL programs are eligible and online programs are not.

Pell Grant Eligible Programs 2016-2017
Am I Eligible for 16-17 Pell?
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Student Eligibility and Academic Qualifications

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Shopping Sheet

The Shopping Sheet is a federal financial aid consumer tool BATC provides to make students aware of their financial cost to attend school. It is a standardized form designed to simplify the information students receive about costs and financial aid. Use this tool to determine an estimate of the cost you and your family will need to pay during the year in order to cover your education expenses.

Net Price Calculator

Estimate your educational costs with the Net Price Calculator provided by the Department of Education.