eLearning at BATC

Because of our unique open-entry / open-exit competency-based individualized learning and teaching model, e-Learning can more aptly be described as blended learning. Blended learning combines the engaging benefits of traditional instructor led training with the advantages brought by a variety of technologies to create an optimum learning experience.

Blended learning programs use many different forms of e-learning; online instruction, media components, and instructor-led activities. By combining various e-Learning methods with instructor-led training; learners have access to knowledge from wherever they are until they meet face-to-face with their instructor and peers.

  • Combines the use of technology with instructor and peer interaction
  • Uses technology based materials with face-to-face instruction and labs
  • Incorporates many different learning styles
Is e-Learning right for you? Because online courses and e-Learning programs are different from traditional face-to-face delivery methods, students should first decide if this learning style is right for them.

Now Available

Programs: Online courses and/or blended components are available in various programs. Contact an instructor for details regarding online availability. The Class Schedule identifies individual courses available in an online and/or blended format.