Assessment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the assessment?

The assessment is your first step towards admittance into a BATC Program. The assessment varies among programs. Each assessment requires Reading Comprehension & Pre-Algebra Math. Some may have Spelling, Language, Typing and/or Measurements.

If you have an ACT/SAT score of 17+ taken within the last 4 years you may be able to bypass testing. Bachelor Degrees and transcripts from other schools are not accepted to bypass the assessment test.

The assessment is a test to make sure you are starting your program with the skills needed to be successful.

Where is the assessment offered?

You may take the assessment at the BATC Logan Main Campus or Brigham City Campus. If you live a great distance from Logan or Brigham, you may get the test proctored. See the link Test Proctoring at the right for more information.

Logan Campus:
1301 North 600 West, Logan UT, (435) 753-6780

Brigham City Campus:
325 West 1100 South, Brigham City UT, (435) 734-0614

What if I don't pass the assessment?

If you don’t pass your first try of the assessment, depending on your scores, you may get one retake after waiting one week. You will only retake what you didn’t pass.

If you don’t pass your retake or don’t qualify for a retake, you will take a refresher course called Essential Education offered through the Academic Learning Center at BATC. This short, self-paced course will help you remember or develop the skills you need to pass testing and enroll in your desired program. You can find more information about the Essential Education course in the Class Schedule or call Sean at (435) 750-3238 for a start date.

Are there testing deadlines?

For most programs there are not deadlines since they are open-entry. However, if your program has specific start and end dates, you will need to check with the respective program for specific assessment deadlines. Typically, you must begin the assessment at least one month prior to the application deadline.

How can I prepare for the assessment?

There are resources available to help you prepare and study for the assessment. Refer to the Study Guides.

How do I contact the Assessment Center?

Logan Campus:
1301 North 600 West, Logan UT, (435) 750-3188,

Brigham City Campus:
325 West 1100 South, Brigham City UT, (435) 734-0614

Do all courses/programs require the entrance assessment?

Most programs require the entrance assessment. Click here to find out more about assessment requirements and study guides.

Short-term courses offered on a quarterly basis typically do not require the entrance assessment.