Practical Nursing

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Program Application
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Steps for Applying:
Complete all 7 prerequisite/pre-admission courses with a "C" or above and a minimum accumulative GPA of 3.0. Additionally, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is required for all "regionally accredited" college credits when added together at time of application. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that prerequisite and pre-admission courses are complete and official transcripts submitted prior to application deadlines (June 1 for Fall Semester and November 1 for Spring Semester).
  • Take BATC's PN assessment exam and include the test clearance paper with your application. For an appointment, call the Assessment Center at 435-750-3188. Test scores are good for one year. Allow time to receive your test clearance paper.
  • Include official college transcripts in sealed envelopes for the prerequisite/pre-admission courses.
  • Submit your completed application to the nursing secretary on or before the application deadlines.

Prerequisite Courses:
Utah State University, Weber State University, or other regionally accredited university or college equivalent
  • USU BIOL 2060 - Microbiology (WSU MICRO 1113)
  • USU BIOL 2420 - Human Physiology (WSU ZOOL 2200 or HTHS 1110/1111 Biomedical Core or HTHS 1105/1106)
  • USU BIOL 2320 - Human Anatomy (WSU ZOOL 2100 or HTHS 1110/1111 Biomedical Core or HTHS 1105/1106)
  • USU NDFS 1020 - Nutrition (WSU NFS 1020)
  • USU PSY 1010 - Psychology (WSU PSY 1010)
See the Prerequisites (USU) document above for current offerings.

Pre-Admission Courses:
Bridgerland Applied Technology College
  • Drug Dosages & Calculations
  • Medical Terminology

NOTE about Prerequisite and Pre-Admission Courses:
The nursing program does not time-out courses. However, you may only take prerequisite and pre-admission courses a maximum of twice within five years of applying to be considered as a candidate for the PN Program.

Point Selection System:
An independent selection committee reviews completed applications and objectively selects the 24 nursing student candidates with the top scores. Also, alternates are selected should one of the 24 students choose not to participate in the program. We do not keep a waiting list.
  Points Awarded
Resident of Bear River Region (Cache, Rich, or Box Elder County) 1
Previous Alternate to BATC's PN Program 2
Previous Applicant to BATC's PN Program 1
GPA for Support Courses 5-11
Health Care Work/Volunteer Experience
Full-time 6 months or Part-time for 1 year (2 points)
3 months or more full- or part-time (1 point)
Health Care Training: Current CNA or MA Certification 1
Academic Experience: Baccalaureate or Associate Degree Awarded 1
Professional Goal Statement 1
Reference Evaluation Forms 3
Maximum Points Possible 22

The points you may assign yourself are not necessarily the points that the selection committee will assign your application.

The Practical Nursing Program can only accommodate a limited number of candidates per session. Therefore, there can be no guarantee of admission even when prerequisite courses are successfully completed. Applications are reviewed by an objective selection process without regard to race, religion, sex, ethnic background, age, or disability status so far as it is safe for the student and the client in their care.

Acceptance and successful progression through the Practical Nursing Program is contingent upon willingness to complete required immunizations, results of a Federal criminal background check, and random drug screen(s).