BATC Nursing Program in the Herald Journal

A recent article in the Herald Journal highlights how our Nursing Program could benefit those intersted in nursing as a profession. 

The article states: "...Bridgerland Applied Technology College could come in handy for many nursing students. BATC offers a certificate in practical nursing and an associate's degree in registered nursing with Weber State University. Those students can also continue their education and receive a bachelor's degree in nursing from Weber.

Moon said earning a bachelor of science in nursing is becoming more popular among students. “I think research has shown patients have the best outcome when their nurse has a higher level of education, so we want all nurses to have a plan for education, at a minimum, through the baccalaureate," she said. "We want to educate the level of education in our profession."

March 26, 2017
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Student Highlights

Lori Portlock

Student of the Month for March
Program: Business Technology

Lori came to Bridgerland after the company she worked at for 16 years closed down. She learned that there was an opportunity to return to school and decided to enroll in the Business Technology program. “Although I was terrified, I was also excited to start a new adventure,” she commented.

Returning to school was an adjustment for Lori after being in the workforce. When asked about her biggest challenge, she said “I had to ‘learn how to learn’ and figure out what worked for me as a student. I was an independent study in high school, so this was different than anything I’ve experienced before.”

March 07, 2017
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