Fire Department

Required Math and English programs as well as EMT certificate and the RCA certificate gives them "points" for their application. 

May 24, 2016
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Student Highlights

Katelyn Purbaugh

Student of the Month for May

Program: Business Technology
“Totally amazing! That's the best way for me to describe Katelyn's success in the Business Technology Program. Katelyn entered the program with a plan. She has, course by course, attacked her goal and knocked out each subject with incredible quality and quantity. I appreciate Katelyn's drive and her ability to self-manage. Katelyn possesses traits that employers want: great human relation skills, the ability to solve probelms, a willingness to work hard and pay the price, and a positive attitude. Congratulations, Katelyn!"  

Madlyn Huber, Instructor

May 02, 2016
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